The Nihilum HotS Team Adds a New Player and Coach

Wed 8th Jul 2015 - 5:49pm : HotS

It's been a while since we checked in with our Heroes of the Storm team and there have been some significant changes recently, with both a new player and coach being added! We are happy to announce Jorge 'Thunderr' Romero as the main support player and Nicolai 'Youngbaek' Creutzburg as coach. 

Jorge 'Thunderr' Romero has been playing competitively since the beginning of closed beta and he's a much needed addition to the team where he will help push for the best results possible. 

"Moving into professional gaming is something every gamer out there would like to accomplish at some point in their careers, and I feel that now, after a lot of sweat and sacrifice, I'm finally getting rewarded for what I've done in the past months.

There is still room for improvement as a player and as a team but the potential is there, so we will work as hard as we can during these months to become the best team in the world."

Nicolai 'Youngbaek' Creutzburg gained a lot of experience in his role as team leader in previous competitive games, as well as coaching Team Dignitas in HotS, which he'll use to shape the team and bring out the best out of all of our players. 

"I didn't hesitate for a second when I was approached regarding the Coach position for Nihilum HOTS. I've known the guys for half a year now, having constantly practiced with or faced against them in tournaments with my previous team.

It's been a pleasure so far, a great work atmosphere and team morale. I'm eager to work with them more and start establishing us as one of the top European HOTS teams. We currently have a lot to improve, but I'm sure with hard practice and dedication, we can start taking trophies home."


These new additions will be a great help in the ESL Heroes Major League Summer event the team recently qualified for and will be playing in tomorrow. 




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