The Final WCS Rankings Are in and We Have the #3, #8, #21 and #316!

Fri 4th Sep 2015 - 9:32pm : Hearthstone

The Hearthstone World Championship Series points have been tallied for this year and the rankings are in! Lifecoach and RDU took home two of the top 8 spots at #3 and #8, respectively, while Thijs still made the all-important top 23 with his #21, securing better seeding in the Regional Qualifiers. Our General Manager, Lothar, ended up in #316 which means he'll might be trying his luck in the last chance qualifier tomorrow, Saturday September 5th, so let's hope we can get all four of Nihilum's players in the Regionals! 

If you need to refresh your memory on how exactly the Road to Blizzcon series of tournaments plyas out, you can check up on the rules here





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