Nihilum Moves Up in the Archon Team League, Defeating Team Liquid

Fri 21st Aug 2015 - 8:09pm : Hearthstone

The bad luck streak finally finished, but not until the final game of the match. Nihilum took a huge early lead 4-0 and both Thijs and RDU were done, leaving Lifecoach with the task to close out the game, which he did, albeit 6 games later. It all culminated in a mech Shaman vs. patron deck and Lifecoach pulled it off.

Nihilum continues in the Archon Team League in the satellite finals on the 25-27th, where two of the four teams will qualify to the grand finals in Texas, so definitely tune in! Fun fact: we'll be seeing TGT cards in those matches! 

Here's the VoD of the match, and you should definitely take a look as it's an incredibly intense one with both teams' tournament lives on the line:





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