Nihilum Miss the Top 2 in the Archon Team League Group Stage - More Matches to Come

Mon 17th Aug 2015 - 4:54pm : Hearthstone


A second bad week in a row in the final match of the group stages for Nihilum, as we drop the match against Cloud9 6-2 and don't make the Top 2. The specific placement isn't sure yet, as there's matches to be played tomorrow, but what this means is that there's another stage of matches before the grand/live finals Nihilum have to play through to make it to that final part of the league and get a chance at the big prize.

The dates for the satellite and redemption matches haven't been announced yet, so stay tuned for more info.

Two days from now, on Wednesday the 19th, is the last week of group stages in the ATLC and the match against Cloud9 will decide if Nihilum makes it into the Top 2 or even the No.1 spot! Currently there are 3 teams tied for first, with Value Town and Tempo Storm joining Nihilum in the top spot. Wednesday also sees those two teams play so one of them will lose, meaning a win in Nihilum's game against Cloud 9 means a definite Top 2 and, depending on match scores in both games, possibly the No.1 spot as well. If that were to happen it would mark Nihilum being in the No.1 spot for the entirety of the ATLC group stages (while sharing that spot on a few occasions).

But what do the group standings mean exactly? Well, the group stage top 2 move directly into "Phase 3" aka the Live Finals and the No.1 team also gets to pick the brackets there, while spots 3-5 move to phase 2 where they will need to qualify to P3. 6 and 7 move to the redemption phase aka P1.5 where one team will move up to P2 and the last team in No.8 is out of the league entirely. The finals will be held at the Archon Team house where the 4 qualifying teams will fight it out for the 250,000$ prize pool, so this last group stage game is damn big!

Had enough of phases and qualifying? Well, Wednesday is the big day as both Nihilum face off against Cloud9 and our two competitors for No.1 also play. Matches start at 19:00 and Nihilum is second on the docket, so ours will begin around 21:00 CET. Be sure to tune in to the final week of group stages and the thrilling conclusion!




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