The Second Loss in Week 6 of the ATLC to Tempo Storm, 4-2 Overall and Still in 1st Place

Wed 12th Aug 2015 - 11:19pm : Hearthstone

The comeback wasn't to be this week as Tempo Storm went up 4-3 and RDU got benched so Lothar, filling in for Lifecoach this week, had to defend with his Paladin deck wich was quickly targeted by Tempo's decks and defated. It still took an incredible Unleash the Hounds top deck in that last game, but the final score was still 6-3.

Nihilum are still in No.1 spot in the overall league, although the loss makes us tied with Tempo Storm with 4-2 and 32 wins each! Next week's game will determine if we get to finish in the top 2 or not so make sure to tune in! 

And here's this week's VoD:

Watch live video from AmazHS on Twitch 

A small update on today's match, Lothar will be playing instead of Lifecoach this time around, and it looks like he's been preparing for it on his stream all day: 

We had another tense and really good set of games last week in the Archon Team League Championships and Nihilum pulled off a comeback win to secure themselves the lead in the league and are currently the only team at 4-1. This week could see Nihilum pull even farther ahead or get back down to even with Value Town or Tempo Storm, who are also playing tomorrow.

The match against Tempo Storm starts at 19:00 CET tomorow, Thursday August 13th and it's basically a foregone conclusion that it's going to be a very entertaining Bo11 considering how every other matchup has gone.





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