HTC Invitational Is done, all vods are here!

Wed 24th Jun 2015 - 1:33am : Hearthstone

The tournament is over, with Forsen taking the finals (and the 2500$ main prize) over TidesofTime in a 3:1 series. Congratulations to all participants and let's hope the next tournaments are as good as this one was!

All of the VoDs are now available at HearthStoneVideo and here are the semi finals and finals matches:


Final match:

Despite our team members having been knocked out of the tournament, there's still a loot of excitement going on in the tournament, specifically the latest match between Trump and StrifeCro (2: 3) that went to not 5, but 6 games, with the second ever tie in a major Hearthstone tournament! So keep watching the live stream with the semi finals and finals still to come. We also have the VoD's from Thijs and RDU's matches on Day 2 below.

And RDU has also lost his quarterfinals match to TidesofTime 1:3, with some very steep deck matchups, so both Nihilum players are done with the HTC Invitational. The tournament continues and you should still check out the other matches as it's been quite a day for exciting Hearthstone action, despite it being a poor day for team Nihilum.

Forsen 3 > 2 Kolento Hyped  3 > 2  Thijs

TidesofTime  3 > 1  RDU StrifeCro  3 > 2  Trump

Thijs has unfortunately been knocked out of the tournament by Hype, losing 2:3 in the quarterfinals. We still have RDU playing, the match coming up live right now. My all-Nihilum finals dream is dead. :(

Day 1 VoDs:

For the rest of the day 1 games, head on over to the HearthStoneVideo Youtube channel.


RDU has also made it through to the quarterfinals tomorrow where he faces TidesofTime. He defeated SjoW 3:1 in the round of 16 and we could see an all Nihilum finale on Sunday! Both players started with 2:0 leads, with Thijs having to fight 3 more games before eventually winning and RDU only needing 2 extra games after the strong lead.

Check back here tomorrow at 17:00 for more live coverage of the HTC Invitational.


The tournament is going on right now and Thijs has won his first best of five 3:2 and moves on to the quarterfinals of the HTC Invitational, playing against Hyped tomorrow!

We have some tournament action coming up on Saturday: the online HTC Invitational, with a prize pool of 5,000$. Our own Thijs and RDU are participating in the round of 16, single elimination, best of 5 matches and  they'll be facing Ekop and SjoW in the first round. Round of 16: Neirea vs.  Forsen;   Kolento vs.  Firebat;   Ek0p vs. ThijsNL;   Savjz vs. Hyped;   TidesofTime vs. Zalae; SjoW vs. Rdu;   StrifeCro vs. Dog;   Trump vs. Chakki.

There's even a possibility of Thijs and RDU meeting up in the finals, so let's see how well they do!  The tournament starts at 17:00 CET this Saturday and you can watch it right here. We'll let you know when our players are up on our twitter.




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