Both Thijs and Lifecoach Make it to the EU Regional Championships in Prague!

Thu 17th Sep 2015 - 3:51pm : Hearthstone

Thijs won the Nihilum mirror and secured his spot in the EU Regional Championships in Prague, only one step away from BlizzCon now. Lifecoach didn't take too much longer to join him, as he immediately won his next match in the lower bracket and qualified as well. Interestingly, Thijs was first to qualify and was the lowest ranked of the three Nihilum players that made it to the qualifiers after the regular season, meaning he had to play and win the most matches of the three, so that seems to be the Nihilum secret - at least for now.  

So two out of 8 players in the Prague CHampionships will be Nihilumites, and hopefully so will two out of the 4 EU players at BlizzCon and Worlds!

A bad day for RDU as his BlizzCon hopes ended. After a great comeback from 0-2 and the first game win in the lower bracket, a slightly unfortunate shredder pop cost him the second match and a chance at continuing in the qualifier.

Tomorrow brings us the dreaded Nihilum vs. Nihilum matchup that guarantees the team a spot in the EU Regionals, but will also see either Lifecoach or Thijs knocked down to the lower bracket, but hopefully they'll manage to pull it off from down there as well! The match starts at 16:00 CET.

Not a perfect day today as RDU lost all three matches with the deck that brought Nihilum victory in the ATLC, secret Paladin, while Thijs continued his winning streak in the qualifier and moved through to the quarte finals, where he will unfortunately be playing Lifecoach who also made it through 3-2. Thijs had a tricky time against Xixo, who just joined NaVi's new Hearthstone division, winning it 3-2 and needs only one more win to move through to the European Championships in Prague. There was a lot of pressure on everyone as there were plenty of misplays on all sides, but no one is out of the tournament just yet.

So tune in tomorrow at 15:00 for the lower bracket matches for RDU, starting with Crane333 and then the big Nihilum mirror on Sunday at 16:00 CET as we'll have at least one member moving on to the European Championships in Prague!

The road to Blizzcon continues tomorrow, as the winners' bracket round of 16 is taking place and our guys are 2 wins away from moving forward to the European Championship, where the top 4 finishers in the winners' and losers' brackets will be playing for a spot at the BlizzCon World Championships. After the big ATLC win and Thijs' placement in the LAN finals of StarSeries 1, the team are on a roll, so let's hope it continues and we get to see all three Nihilum players in the European Championship and then, eventually, at BlizzCon as well!

All three matches will be played at the same time, starting at 16:00 CET on Friday. You can also check out the brackets here.




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